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Payback Calculator

How many cases will it take to payback the cost to purchase in-house aligner equipment and start-up supplies and accessories?

Use our payback calculator to find out. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Calculate Investment (Equipment and Start-Up Supplies and Tools)

Select your intraoral scanner:
Select your 3D printer and cure box:
Select your pressure thermoforming machine:
Select your wash station:
Will you be using heat-seal bags? If so, you’ll need a bag sealer.
Pick your start-up supplies and tools. Select all that apply:

Total Equipment and Start-Up Tools and Supplies Investment:


Step 2: Calculate Net Profit Per Case

Enter the price you will charge your patient for 14 sets of in-house aligners ($2,500 is a suggestion).

Alternative: If you are currently using a third party aligner company for these types of cases and want to calculate how many cases you need to payback this investment as opposed to paying your third party aligner company, enter your current third party lab fee.

Please use a value greater than $336.

The calculator will automatically subtract the variable cost of $336 for 14 sets of in-house aligners ($12/aligner).

Price Amount

Price per patient cannot be less than variable cost. Please enter an amount greater than $336.

Equals Net Profit Per Case:


Step 3: Calculate Cases To Payback Investment

Cases before payout:


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