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TechSelect Site Demo with Dr. Neal Kravitz

TechSelect Site Demo with Dr. Neal Kravitz

How New Digital Solutions Can Transform Your Practice

Hear from AAO members, just like you, who are enhancing the patient experience with new digital solutions.

In-House Retainers

“It’s so much more cost effective than sending it out.” – Dr. Lisa Alvetro

In-House Aligners

“When we say to them ‘We can start this afternoon if you’d like,’ they’re just blown away.” – Dr. Kenneth Webb

Digital Indirect Bonding

“It’s really enhanced the patient experience… reduces the time of their bonding appointment by 50%.” – Dr. Lisa Alvetro

Custom Bracket Systems

“Reduces the number of repositionings and also reduces the number of bends you’ll have to place when going into your finishing stages.” – Dr. Lisa Alvetro

Remote Monitoring

“With remote monitoring, we can identify small issues before they become large issues.” – Dr. Geoff Sudit

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