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Learn about the process, how to implement an in-house aligner lab and calculate how many cases it will take to pay back your investment.


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How an in-house lab can help you grow your practice.

Everyone’s looking for a straighter smile these days – and now people who need only minor adjustments will be able to look directly to you, your expertise and your practice to help them get it.
Take Control

It’s your practice – and having an in-house lab gives you independence from third-party vendors, helping you create truly customized treatment plans and deliver aligners as soon as the same day.

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Lower Costs

Your in-house lab enables you to create high-quality aligners for less than through third parties – savings that make a wider range of services available for your patients.

Expand Patient Base

Now you can offer a cost-effective and convenient treatment option for minor cases that you can start in a few hours or days instead of weeks.

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New Revenue Source

Fabricating aligners in house represents an opportunity for a new revenue source from a new patient base.

See why in-house fabrication may be right for your practice.

“When we say to them ‘We can start this afternoon if you’d like,’ they’re just blown away.” – Dr. Kenneth Webb

Enhance your practice from day one.

Discover how orthodontists just like you are already using their own in-house labs to build their practices… and learn if it might be right for you, your patients and the long-term financial health of your practice.

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See how an in-house lab could pay off for your practice.

We’re here to help.

The AAO’s Committee on Technology – CTECH – is here to support you as you explore and implement in-house aligner fabrication. Post questions and get real-time answers from CTECH on our private Facebook Group, AAO Tech Talk.