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Start-Up Accessories and Supplies

As you begin the journey toward having your own aligner lab in-house, you will likely need a broad range of accessories. You’ll need tools to help you mix resin, remove your prints and filter, wash and cure your prints and more.

The links on this page can help you get started.


Wash Station Components

(not needed if purchasing a 3rd party wash station)

Wash Station, Qty. 3

(recommend two for wash stations, and an extra to cut the lid)

wash station
Hands-Off Magnetic Lab Beaker 
Magnetic Stir Bars
Smart Digital Countdown Timer

Wash Station Isopropyl Alcohol and Cleaning

Alcohol Wipes
Isopropyl Alcohol Grade 99% Anhydrous, 4 Gallon
Spray Bottle for Isopropyl Alcohol
spray bottle
Ram-Pro Paper Strainer, Qty. 100

(use with funnel to strain resin after a failed print)

paper strainer
Plastic Funnel, 5.25-Inch Diameter
Silicone Scraper Spatulas, Qty. 2

Other Tools and Supplies

Painter’s Blade

(removing models from build plate)

painters blade
Micro Cutters

(removing models or clipping supports from models)


Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

(testing printer calibration)

Food Grade Silicone Spray 
silicone spray
Polishing Wheels

(also available from multiple dental supply companies)


Additional Materials

Cure Box for Resin

(typically sold by the 3D printer company; can be custom-made UV light box, but careful attention should be paid to the wavelength and cure time)

Lab Handpiece to Trim and Polish Aligners

(most offices should already have this available)

UV Box to Sterilize Aligners