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How to Package
In-House Aligners

Step 1: Create label to identify each aligner

Labels branded with your practice name are recommended to indicate patient name and aligner number in the series.

Step 2: Package aligner in sealed bag

Depending on the bag size, package each set of aligners or each aligner separately in a sealed bag. Popular methods include cellophane bags that you heat seal or small Ziploc-type bags.

Step 3: Label package

Place the completed label on sealed bag.

Step 4: Place packaged aligners in labeled box for chairside delivery

Place the aligner series in box labeled with patient information.  This aids in easier transfer from lab to patient and from your office home with patient.

Note: If you are using clear bags and UV light to sterilize, you can perform the sterilization step after the aligners have been packaged and labeled.

Keep the AAO TechSelect How to Package In-House Aligners Guide with you.
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How to Package In-House Aligners

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