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One of the goals of this website is to help you find the equipment and supplies you need for your in-house aligner lab–and help you save money from trusted partners.

The companies and products represented here meet the quality and service standards set by the Committee on Technology (CTECH). Plus, they have all guaranteed lowest pricing to AAO members who contact them through “My List”.

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Medit i700 Wireless ScannerIntraoral Scanners
Flashforge Focus 6K 3D Printer3D Printers
Taglus PU Flex .040 x 125mm Round (100 Pack)Aligner Material
Taglus PU Flex .030 x 125mm Round (125 Pack)Aligner Material
Einstein Pro XL Dental 3D Printer3D Printers
Einstein Desktop Dental 3D Printer3D Printers
Taglus TUFF .030 x 125mm Round (50 Pack)Aligner Material
Taglus Premium .030 x 125mm Round Sheets (125 Pack)Aligner Material
SprintRay Pro 3D Printer3D Printers
Form 3B+ 3D Printer Complete Package3D Printers
uDesign® Tooth Movement SoftwareTooth Movement Software
ArchFormTooth Movement Software
Medit i700 Intraoral ScannerIntraoral Scanners
EasyRx PremiumDigital Workflow Software

AAO TechSelect Partners Include:

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