Tooth Movement Software

Available in a range from fully manual to fully automated, the purpose of tooth movement software is to produce a printable model. There are three steps in using tooth movement software including preparing the model, segmenting teeth (from each other and from the gingiva) and moving teeth which also includes placing attachment and staging aligners. The last step is exporting the stl file so a model can be printed.

Tooth Movement Software from AAO TechSelect Partners

Evaluate products using criteria recommended by AAO CTECH. Select a tooth movement software below to view more details including product specifications and company-provided resources. To secure lowest pricing, use the “Add to My List” button and submit using the yellow "My List" button at the top right of the website. A company rep with follow up with you and you'll secure AAO TechSelect pricing.

TechSelect price is lowest available price
Full segmentation of teeth and ability to move all teeth in the arch
Ability to easily base the models
Ability to automatically label each model with stage and patient ID
Ability to export models to STL that can be printed on any printer
Initial costs
Ongoing costs
Turnaround time
Average time required to import and segment model
Automation Level Model processing
Digital set-up
Ability to move groups of teeth for surgical simulation and/or allowing autorotation of the mandible
Batch exportation of STL file
Model labeling
Delegation level
Movement Features Attachments
Tooth movement mechanism
Digital blockouts for undercuts
Pontic placement for missing teeth
Storage location
Ability to send to third party lab to print if needed
Tech support

60 Day Free Trial
$50 Per Patient
$199/month for 5 Patients
$299/month for 10 Patients
$499/month for 35 Patients
(Reg. Price 30 Day Free Trial)
Yes - Various hollowing and basing for printing
30 day free trial
Supply subscription with free software, or $50 per patient, or subscription starting at $199/month
N/A - Can all be done in-house
Auto-orientation and capping of models
Automatic staging with adjustable parameters
Automatic sequential distalization
Automatic with location presets
Automatic hollowing with multiple in-fill patterns
Doctor (some tasks could be delegated to a team member)
Variety of attachments shapes, adjustable positioning, and multiple attachments
Full range of movement based on true tooth axis with multiple pivot points
Pontic library included
Mac and PC
Local and cloud
Chat, phone, email, and remote assistance
Free Software
$4.00 per STL file export, capped at $2,000/month
$4.00 per STL file export, capped at $2,000 per month
N/A - Can all be done in-house
2 minutes, depending on computer processing speed and quality of scan
Fully automated, including model correction tools
Yes - Automated using AI to rapidly segment and identify teeth chairside
Semi-automated - A variety of software tools allow the user to make modifications
Teeth can be grouped for movement
Mandible can be autorotated
Automatic staging with adjustable parameters
Complete doctor control of advanced sequencing, moving selected teeth/areas to set up plans
Automatic - The user has ability to alter the location and size of labels if needed
Automatic hollowing if desired
Custom templates can be set for the user’s build plate and output models will automatically be placed on the tray (if needed, model placement can then be fine tuned manually)
Doctor and team
Automatically placed either based on doctors' settings or uDesign recommendations.
Provided by both GUI widget as well as via movement table
Yes and ability to adjust as needed
3 options for pontics:

- Choose from uLab pontic library
- Use original tooth (if scanned before extraction)
- Use mirror of corresponding, opposite tooth
PC (Mac through Parallels)
Ability to print in office or to send to uLab Systems to print
Yes - Call 866.900.8522

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